Brief History



1953 A small band of Pentecostal believers met at an army barrack in New Brunswick to hold worship service.

1954 Moved to a small building on Dunhams Corner Road in East Brunswick and were incorporated.

1957 Bought property on Ryders Lane to construct a Sanctuary. The first Pastor was Reverend Norman Kirk (deceased) followed by Reverend John Hammercheck, who embarked on a building program with a handful of people.

1969 The Reverend John Deegan and his family started their ministry at EBAG, lasting 23 and a half years. When Reverend Deegan first began his ministry on Ryders Lane, the congregation numbered 38 people and under his pastorship grew to 400 members and adherents.

1970 The Sanctuary was enlarged and the basement was finished to accommodate Sunday School classes.

1980 Another educational wing was added on.

1983 A balcony addition to accommodate church growth.

1985 Cornerstone Christian School began with 37 children. Ruth Cushman was our first Principal at that time. Sue Howarth, who is currently our Principal started in 1991 with 67 children. We currently have 260 students enrolled for the 2003/04 school years.

1987 Purchased 35 acres on Hardenburg Lane.

1988 Started a building program.

1989 Moved into 30,000 square foot facility with the capacity of holding 650 people in our Sanctuary. 24 full size class rooms and a full size gym/felowship hall were built to accommodate our Sunday School & elementary school.

1993 The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. John Deegan retired and our church held a Banquet for 500 guests at the East Brunswick Chateau in his honor. Following, Reverend Michael Bruno became our Interim Pastor for a short peiod of time.

1994 Reverend Charles and Linda Green served the Pastorship for 2 years

1996 Reverend and Mrs. Don D. Miller lovingly served as Interim Pastors for one year.

1997 Reverend and Mrs. Richard Brock pastored our church for 4 years

2001 Reverend and Mrs. Don D. Miller returned as Interim Pastors.

2002 Reverend David & Lynda Mazzella, elected pastors – until present…

2003 Church Website established. Expanded in mid 2004.

2004 50th Anniversary celebrated on June 06, 2004

2006 The membership selected “Lighthouse Christian Fellowship” of the Assemblies of God as the new Name on July 16, 2006

Our Pastors

People who served this body of Christ

Name Position Period
Rev. Norman Kirk First Pastor 1957
Rev. John Hammercheck Pastor 1958-1968
Rev. John Deegan Pastor 1969 – 1993
Rev. Michael Bruno Interim Pastor 1993
Rev. Charles & Linda Green Pastors 1994 – 1996
Rev & Mrs. Don D Miller Interim Pastor 1996, 2001
Rev. Richard & Elaine Brock Pastors 1997 – 2001
Rev. David & Lynda Mazzella Pastors July 2002 – Present

Office Staff

Ruth Cushman First Principal, Cornerstone Christian School 1985 – 1991
Susan Howarth Principal, Cornerstone Christian School 1991 – 2010
Terry Walker Principal, CornerstoneChristian School 2010 – present
Nina Stranzinski Church Secretary 1982 – 1986
Sara Martinez Church Secretary 1987 – 1989
Jeannette Salvemini Frantz Church Secretary July 1989 – Present